About the author

Dr Emma Peacock

Professional Training

Dr Emma Peacock is a clinical psychologist, having completed her training in 2011. Prior to becoming a clinical psychologist, she completed her postgraduate diploma in psychodynamic counselling. She also became interested in couple relationship issues after providing counselling at several GP (General Physician) practices. This acted as the springboard for undertaking an introductory course in couples therapy. Couples therapy continued to be an area of interest and she later completed further training in ‘Relational Couples Therapy’. Emma has worked in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK since 2004 providing therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups, alongside consultation and supervision.

Integrating psychology with the spiritual

This began at Coventry university where Emma’s undergraduate psychology dissertation explored how spiritual coping helped to moderate the effects of stress on health and well-being. This was the start of trying to bridge a divide between the spiritual and psychological domains. It was eight to nine years later that the idea for the book ‘In Bed with Adam and Eve’ came into being. The ‘Behind the Scenes’ section of this website will provide you with more details about the inspiration for the book and contents of the chapters.

This photograph helps to symbolise the author’s attempts to integrate the spiritual, with psychological ideas which started during her university days. In the photo you see Coventry university buildings in the distance, and in the foreground, the old, partially bombed cathedral connected to the modern cathedral by two large overhanging crosses. For three years Emma would walk under the crosses, into the university buildings and to her psychology lectures. Passing through a place of spirituality and worship into the realm of academia. This is the essence of the content of her writing in, ‘In Bed with Adam and Eve’ which connects those two worlds. Hopefully, this photo will be meaningful for you the reader, as you too have the opportunity to explore the psychological and spiritual aspects of your marriage in this book.

Personal Life

Emma has an active Christian faith and attends a church locally to her on a regular basis with her family. She has been married since 2005 and her hope is to provide support to couples through this self-help guide: ‘In Bed with Adam and Eve: Your Guide to a Healthy Marriage’.

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