Here's what's inside...

Part One - Lifting the painted veil: a journey of fear and hope

Chapter 1. Revelations: making what is unconscious, conscious
Chapter 2. The marital triangle: parallels with the Trinity
Chapter 3. Encouraging intimacy through a balance of individuality and togetherness

Part Two - Standing in the light: every couple relationship casts a shadow

Chapter 4. The ideal couple relationship and feelings of betrayal
Chapter 5. Resentment and forgiveness
Chapter 6. Cultivating couple unity: acceptance, mourning and moving forward

Part Three - Mutual regard and embracing difference

Chapter 7. Mountains and caves, Heaven and Earth, male and female
Chapter 8. Encountering conflict and being in your own boat
Chapter 9. Kitchen sink dilemmas and the soulful care of the household

Part Four - Marriage: a sexual and soulful experience

Chapter 10. Soulful sex
Chapter 11. Control of couple intimacy: what’s sex got to do with it?
Chapter 12. Disillusionment and adultery

Closing Reflections

Adam and Eve: the beginning and the end

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