In Bed with Adam and Eve

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Guide to healthy marriage, combining psychological with spiritual principles.


My husband asked me, “What do couples get from reading your book in just two words?” I thought about this for a moment and said: “Healthy Marriage”. Couples also get an in-depth psychological book with fascinating links to couples from the Bible. The combination of psychological and spiritual principles will support couples to think about their relationship in new ways.

Getting into bed with Adam and Eve means we’ll be uncovering the following important topics: how to be an individual AND part of a couple; encountering conflict; how to really psychologically process resentment and forgiveness; how to helpfully manage the ideals that you hold for your marriage; how to deepen levels of sexual intimacy; and reasons why you’re drawn to your spouse, including identifying your own unique ‘couple fit’ and much more.

Couples are provided with psychological self-help exercises at the end of each chapter and additional spiritually directed exercises focusing on Bible verses, meditation and prayer.

11922 reviews for In Bed with Adam and Eve